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Color Panel and Typefaces of the Group

The Color Palette


We have selected specific colors, an integral part of Total's visuals, for use in creating our communications media.

The panel comprises a wide selection of shades. The entire graduated color strip is used to create internal and external media published by Total. The shade values may be adjusted to expand the range of design possibilities.

The black color is prohibited.


Typefaces are key design elements for deploying a uniform, easy to recognize visual identity. They provide greater variety for titles/headlines and all other components that need to be highlighted.

Three typefaces have been selected to offer a wide range of choices for titles/headlines in our media publications:

  • Arial : for computer desktop
  • Helvetica Neue : for Covers and Titles
  • Museo with and without serif :inside your publications

Only typefaces selected by Total may be used in our communication media.

These guidelines do not apply to the marketing communications of the Marketing & Services Division or units reporting to it.